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For Developers who know what they want and how to get it. We will release Elephant Snapshot as open source, please allow us some time to clean things up.

  • You get the core functionality of data discovery from AWS into JSON files.
    It reads data blazingly fast in hundreds of parallel requests. AWS CLI just cannot compare.

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For Admins and Operations Managers, who want to get their work done efficiently, we provide a set of easy-to-use features:

  • You can use our free service for an unlimited time by logging into our website or from our desktop app Elephant Snapshot. You can grant access for Elephantshop to your AWS account with a role in AWS IAM (refer to your profile settings).
  • Data discovery is performed by the website, and can naturally be performed from all kinds of devices, e.g. your smartphone.
  • “Who has access?”-graphical summary of all access permissions in a dendrogram.
  • Risk evaluation according to automatic use case detection and an internal risk model.
  • Inventory of the whole, worldwide AWS configuration for EC2, S3, Lambda, IAM in Excel via Elephantshop’s CSV export feature. From Excel you can create yourself all the reports that you need in the format you need.

Let me know Monthly Subscription - To come

For Security Managers, who need to regularly supervise security controls, we will provide a full set of management features:

  • Automatic evaluation and reporting by email every month.
  • Management of access approvals with no-hassle on-screen access approvals.
  • Customization of the underlying risk model.
  • API for on-demand scanning as inclusion into release workflows.